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Reductive explanation

reductive explanation

Latin reducere (to reduce).
(deploying a recognitional concept in the explanandum we now ask, How can any physical system have states which seem ineffable and private, etc., and which persistently induce the feeling of an explanatory gap?In fact, it should be plain to us that the roles described at the micro-level increased mean molecular momentum leading to increased transfer of momentum per unit area in a fixed volume are isomorphic to those described at the macro-level namely, increased temperature leading.Some of the descriptions which figure on the right-hand side need to be drawn from the same level as the target, at least -.g.So I can explain why the pH value of some solution is changing by saying that the concentration of hydrogen ions contained in the solution is changing; and I can explain why a gas has a given temperature on the grounds that it has.But actually, there is some warrant for C code reduction gear 4 music Js view that the practice of reductive explanation carries a commitment to the existence of such a priori conditionals, at least, as will emerge when we consider existing accounts of reductive explanation.Agustín Vicente Theoria 19 (3 tails added Philosophical Issues in Experimental Biology.In section 2 below I shall discuss some of the ways in which C J manage to make it seem plausible.4 What emerges, then, is that the role of the Thats all clause in C Js account is to do the same work as the bridge-principles or property identities in the framework of a classical reductive explanation, but in such a way that the target.The plan of what follows is this.The debate will revolve around the nature and demands of reductive explanation in general.A Theory of Content and Other Essays.But it will always be possible to carve out the purely recognitional component from this concept to form a distinct concept ( this feel which will then lack any conceptual connections with role-concepts.Systemism is, in fact, a conception of fundamentality that has rather different usesand importantly, different resonances.Whether such an explanation can in fact be provided is, of course, a topic for another occasion.

Notice, however, that the bridge laws will themselves contain the target terms.Some of these writers claim that the existence of such a gap would warrant a belief in some form of ontological dualism (Jackson, 1982; Chalmers, 1996 whereas others argue that no such entailment holds (Levine, 1983; McGinn, 1991; Sturgeon, 1994).The claim is that each such fact - rab nimbus vs microlight together with the various puzzling properties which make up the third-person concept of phenomenal consciousness - can in principle receive a reductive explanation.So intuitively, there seems little support for the view that a priori conditionals are required for successful reductive explanation.Eronen Biology and Philosophy 30 (1 tails added Scientific Reduction.Rather, there exist a great many populations of individual organisms spread out over space and time, which resemble one another more or less closely, and which stand in various inheritance relations to one another.Given the distinction between thick and thin facts, we can claim this.Oxford University tails added Two Conceptions of Fundamentality.

In his In Critical Condition.
Ingo Brigandt Science Education 22 (1 tails added Review of Robert.
Pronunciation edit, adjective edit reductive ( comparative more reductive, superlative most reductive ) scotland law, now rare) Pertaining to the reduction of a decree etc.; rescissory.